Tyre and Alloy Wheel


Our tyre and alloy wheel maintenance plan has been designed to provide regular scheduled attendance for the visual appearance of alloy wheels and the general condition of the tyres. It is NOT a policy of insurance.

The products are usually tailored to our individual clients needs. Our standard product includes:

  • Initial and periodic maintenance inspections
  • Cleanse and visual check on listed items
  • Treatments/Repairs for:

1. Alloy Wheels

If the alloy wheel has suffered deterioration in the form of:

  • Debris marks
  • Surface scuffs
  • Scrapes
  • Scratches
  • Minor indentations


2. Tyres

  • If due to usage the tyres have suffered deterioration causing the air to leak


We can provide bespoke treatment/repair/replacement limits.

This product provides our clients with a unique customer retention benefit as the maintenance/treatment/repair work is carried out at the supplying dealerships premises.