Warranty 4 Life

We have combined the advantages of a servicing, maintenance and repair plan to create Warranty 4 Life, which provides comprehensive: 

  • Initial and annual maintenance inspections
  • Annual servicing (through a service plan administered by our partner EMaC)
  • Repairs for all mechanical and electrical components that fail to perform their normal function
  • Unlimited number of repair requests up to the value of the vehicle
  • Breakdown assistance (Roadside, Recovery and At Home)
  • Additional assistance (Car Hire, Accommodation or Travel)

This product provides our clients with:

  • An advantage to stand out in a highly competitive market. Our clients usually advertise the car/themselves with the following statement: "The exceptional quality of our used cars, allow us to provide you with a Warranty 4 Life"
  • Industry leading customer retention levels - this product specifically provides servicing, maintenance and repairs by the supplying dealership/group
  • Easier sale, instead of having to sell a service plan, warranty and breakdown assistance separately, this product provides a combination of all of these benefits and more